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Contract for realization SAFEDAM project is signed

The contract for execution and financing of the project for defense and security within the framework of the competition no. 7/2015 was signed by the consortium leader Warsaw University of Technology and the National Center for Research and Development. The project will be implemented for 36 months by a consortium composed of Warsaw University of Technology - Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography, Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Astri Polska Sp. z o.o., MSP Marcin Szender, Central School of the State Fire Service in Częstochowa.

During the first year, research and development works will be carried out leading to the concept of a system using various geospatial data to monitor levees in both emergency and non-flood conditions. In the second and third year, the implementation of the developed solution will be executed, raising the level of technical readiness with each year. The project description was selected by reviewers for realization due to enriching the original assumptions of the system i.e. using unmanned aerial vehicle systems and remote sensing satellite systems. In the competition, 5 other consortiums were also submitted, with the leaders of the Air Force Institute of technology, AGH University of Science and Technology, Warszawskie Przedsiębiorstwo Geodezyjne S.A., Wrocław University of Technology and the Main School of Fire Service.