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Manoeuvres in Sandomierz

On June 12-13 2018 there were manoeuvres in the Sandomierz district, in which apart from the project's contractors, participated the representatives of the Voivodeship Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Kielce, District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Sandomierz and Volunteer Fire Brigades from the area of Dwikozy commune. The aim of the manoeuvres was to check the system operation in real conditions and to show the participants of the exercises the possibility of monitoring levees using the unmanned aerialvehicle, aerial and satellite imaging.

On the first day during the meeting, the exercise’s scenarios were presented and the SAFEDAM project was discussed. During the second day there were field training, when two episodes were played, i.e. breaking and overflowing of the levee. Report after field training and wideo file will be published soon.