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Extension of SAFEDAM project

The SAFEDAM project consortium received a positive decision from the National Centre for Research and Development concerning the project extension with financial support for the new project phase. The signing of the annex to the agreement will take place in May this year. The purpose of the additional 5th phase is to extend the SAFEDAM system created in phases 1-4 between 2015 and 2019, taking into account the facilities that were deemed useful during the project and that were not included in the research project application.

In the modified system the user will be able to add his own areas of interest. Both in the prevention and intervention mode of the system, the previously developed tools will be adapted in terms of efficiency to the national operational character of the system. The graphic interface of the system will also be improved. The final result of the task will be an IT system ready to be implemented in Poland by the Chief Commandant of the State Fire Service representing the State Treasury. The monitoring of the existing test areas will be continued and the research work will also be carried out on a part of the Odra levee. The development will also include training elements for future users and the creation of a system operation simulator.