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Trainings in SAFEDAM

On 25-26 October and 7-8 November 2019 two training courses were held at the Central School of the State Fire Service in Częstochowa under the title "Use of the SAFEDAM intervention platform in rescue operations during flood hazards". The training was the result of participation of the Central School in the SAFEDAM project consortium.

Lectures and exercises carried out by the representatives of the consortium concerned: possibilities of the system to support the decision-making process during floods, methodology of data acquisition from the UAV platform, processing of data obtained in the field, creation of rescue operations documentation, use of UAV platforms in field conditions. The training was attended by officers from the National Fire Service in Katowice, the National Fire Service in Białystok, the National Fire Service in Myszków, the NCO School in Bydgoszcz and the National Fire Service in Częstochowa. In the spring 2020 another training on the SAFEDAM system will be conducted for representatives of crisis management services.